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 A large residential extension such as this may require more than structural calculations; drawings, specifications, and site visits may also be needed
Large Side, Rear and Roof Extension
 Sometimes it is necessary to fit beams into tight spaces.  Structural calculations were needed for these cranked beams to establish the space available for the beams and the alignment and capacity needed at several different places along their lengths
Beams Cranked to Suit Roof Line
 This timber framed residential extension required not only structural calculations to establish the timber sizes, but it was constructed in panels so each panel needed to be designed to be the correct size and strength, with information on how panels were to be connected to ensure that they acted as a single structure
Timber Framed Extension
This residential extension required a full design service including structural calculations for beams, walls, floors, and roof.  Connection details and bracing details were required throught the roof which was fully timber framed and accomodated bedrooms and bathrooms   calculations for steel beams and walls for a large residential extension 
Side Extension in Progress

Residential Structural Engineering

Structural Alterations, Extensions or Conversions

Are you planning to carry out one of these popular improvements?
  • remove an entire wall
  • remove two or more intersecting walls
  • set a beam above the ceiling
  • remove chimney breasts
  • construct an extension with a concrete suspended ground floor
 Any of these can bring wide ranging benefits, but all of them need to be considered and designed before your builder starts work
Foundations frequently receive insufficient consideration.  Wall footings are designed to carry reasonably uniform loads.  When a beam is introduced into the structure large concentrated loads develop at the ends of the beams that have to be supported by the wall and then the foundation.   If a suspended ground floor is also to be supported on the foundation then it is likely that the foundation will need to be strengthened.
A site visit may be required to assess aspects of the existing structure that may not be apparent from just studying the drawings. 
Structural Calculation Plus
a guide to our
Concise and Comprehensive Services
for those situations when more than calculations are required

couple planning a residential extension


Here is a guide to our civil and structural engineering service types
Concise Service
Comprehensive Service
In straight forward situations where you have architectural drawings or dimensioned layout drawings we provide a calculation only service to achieve building regulation compliance of the structural works.
If drawings are not available we can visit the property to take measurements and assess the existing structural arrangement.  There may be minor defects that need to considered and repaired as part of the works.
Larger or more complex projects may need a number of visits as the works progress to gather additional information as the structure is uncovered, to inspect workmanship and accuracy of the construction.

Calculations and drawings are needed not just to make sure that beams are the most efficient size but also to make sure that the design can be built and that supporting structure is also adequate and appropriate

Not Just Beam Calculations


Our standard design package includes:-

  • a statement of the basis of design
  • a statement of the results
  • recommendations arising from the calculations
  • specification of materials required
  • installation instructions if required
  • construction details if required
  • arrangement drawings showing the alteration works
This level of detail will often speed up a building regulation decision, and also enable builders to provide accurate quotations for the applicable element of their work.

 structural residential alterations in progress

Other Things to Bear In Mind

 Does you house have any of these
Diagonal or vertical cracking
Undulation brickwork bed joints
Bulging gable walls
Cracks in mortar joints
These all require remedial work and should be assessed during a structural  inspection.  If more detailed observation or monitoring is required then a site investigation should be instructed
A ground investigation may be needed to determine the exact nature of the existing footings.
You may also have:-
Tall trees nearby
Special Foundations
Or a Party Wall
You may wish to gain space and reduce your costs by making use of a wall shared with a neighbour (a party wall)..  If so, you should let them know as soon as possible and follow the procedure required by the Party Wall etc Act 1996.  It is also beneficial to know what alterations they or previous owners have carried out to the party wall.  This may affect what you are able to do. 

What Information Do I Need To Provide?


 I Need Some Advice

You should provide a pdf format architectural drawing or dimensioned sketch
For smaller works a detailed statement may be sufficient especially if an inspection will be required to collect information or assess a special feature or defect.
Any items listed under "Other things to consider
Browse this site for information on a wide range of topics or give us a call or send a email with your query for us to respond to with a tailored answer. 
If you send a dimensioned  drawing we will be happy to provide a quotation and answer questions.

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