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Additional Considerations For Lintels

Lintels over small openings such as windows or doorways are usually specified by a reference to a manufacturer's standard range.
The choice of lintel will depend on the following factors:-
Whether it will be placed in an internal or external wall
The thickness of the wall
The cavity width (if applicable)
Structural calculations for lintels include a determination of loading and the distribution of the loads on the lintel.  If a bespoke lintel is required we treat this as a beam. 
Lintels over openings wider than 3.0 metres may need to be from a heavy duty range or specially fabricated.
Lintels of any length supporting the end of a beam will also need to be heavy duty fabricated lintel.
In such cases the bearings of the lintel need to be checked carefully to ensure adequate strength and stability of the supporting wall.  It may be necessary to rebuild a short length of wall to ensure adequate strength but the extent and strength of materials needed will depend on the individual circumstances.
If the wall is to be cut back to the extent where there is insufficient space at the end of the lintel for it to be supported on the brick or blockwork it will be necessary to provide a special support or bearing.  This could be a column, a pier or a bracket depending on location and other requirements.
Most manufacturer's make arched or bowed lintels.  If you are planning to provide glazing around a corner we can design special lintels to be fabricated for this.
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