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Structural engineering works in Warwick

Cordyline Aspire undertakes design commissions for medium and low-rise buildings together with the associated civil and structural works within the commercial, warehousing, education, residential and medical sectors. 

Need advice from a structural engineer or civil engineer?

Do you need to discuss the structural aspects of your plans in order to develop your ideas? We can provide civil or structural engineering advice by telephone or email without a commitment to proceed.  We can also provide more detailed advice on site and follow up with a brief report, subject to our standard fee structure.

If you need additional explanation or advice at any stage we provide this free by telephone or email.

If you need more specific or detailed advice once your builder has started work, we will discuss the level of service you need.  This may simply be general guidance or may alternatively involve a design change that requires a site visit.  During this visit we can discuss your ideas with you and subsequently provide a brief written report summarising our recommendations.

Structural engineers and civil engineers delivering innovative and practical solutions through

Experience, knowledge and understanding

Local experienced civil and structural engineers

Working with experienced consulting civil engineers and structural engineers gives you the peace of mind that designs will be efficient, reflect your aspirations and will also be in accordance with the building regulations and current design codes and standards.

Innovative design, practical solutions

Our style of design is that of achieving unique civil engineering and structural engineering solutions for each situation to bring our client’s objectives to reality no matter how humble the setting.