Drainage, Storm Water Management and Flood Alleviation

Drainage, storm water and flooding are increasing problematic with climate change and the increased frequency of storms.  This practice does not provide services for the alleviation of widespread flooding which frequently involve river management or sea defences.  We provide services to individuals, businesses or organisations wishing to mitigate the effects of flooding, or prevent flooding affecting their properties.  In providing these services we draw upon our extensive experience of the design of underground structures, water holding structures, behavior of water in numerous ground conditions and topography.  We combine this with our knowledge of methods of preventing water from entering buildings from below, and the weak points that allow easy passage of water which may go unnoticed until the flood occurs.

We design attenuation systems to hold storm during a storm allowing it to be released slowly into the sewer system of soak into the ground when pressure on the sewers or the degree of saturation of ground has lessened.

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As a small regional practice we provide tailored services to our clients relating to drainage, storm water management and flood mitigation.  Our experience in the design of underground and retaining structures combine with our knowledge of geotechnics and water flow through varying ground conditions and topography combine with our understanding of drainage and water attenuation to understand the causes of individual circumstances in which flooding occurs.  Our supervising staff have extensive experience gained with major national consulting engineers in all the services areas in which we operate.

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