Foundations and Below Ground Construction

The correct foundations are essential for any building or structure. When we have correctly designed and built foundations, we tend not to give them another thought. However, when they go wrong there is often a lot of damage.

We design and investigate all forms of foundation usually found in low to medium rise buildings especially those supporting houses. If we consider that it is advantages for the foundations to be designed by a specialist installer who will provide a warranty on completion, we will make that recommendation at the design stage.

Cracking isn’t always caused by foundation movement. We can assess the crack patterns and provide an accurate cause of the cracking and the most appropriate remedy.

Need to discuss your plans?

We can provide civil or structural engineering advice by telephone or email without a commitment to proceed.

Why choose us?

  • Over 40 years experience
  • All work is undertaken or supervised by a chartered engineer
  • Our designs are prepared in accordance with:
    The Building Regulations of England & Wales
    British Standards
    NHBC Standards